Daniel Chatard
Star Wars Family // "The Bedeman Family - Germany" Photographed for: The British Journal of Photography Picture Editor: Zoe Harrison “Anybody can be anything,” says Benjamin Bedeman, talking about a subject close to his heart: Star Wars. “There’s a princess that becomes a general; there’s a young boy that becomes a Jedi; there’s a smuggler that becomes a war hero. It doesn’t matter where you come from, and it doesn’t matter what your family is, because family bonds will just form somehow. I think that appeals to a lot of people around the world.” Bedeman lives in Blieskastel, Germany, with his partner Caroline and her daughter, Ylva. The three of them describe themselves as a “patchwork family.” “I’m not Ylva’s biological father, but when I started dating Caroline it was clear that to have a successful relationship with her, I needed a successful relationship with Ylva as well,” Benjamin describes. “Maybe she doesn’t yet get the concept of having a Dad. But she knows what I am [to] her… We are a family. We are not blood-related, we’re not married, but that’s not important. It’s how you feel about it.”
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